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1. Cryptography

We will tell you all about it in this cryptography course, designed for you to learn about the origins of cryptography, encryption techniques, vocabulary related to cybersecurity and cryptography, as well as practical exercises to apply your knowledge in cryptography.

In this course:

a person touching a floating digitalized lock.

2. Reversing

Welcome to the world of reversing or reverse engineering, do you dare to enter?

In this course:

3. Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most used techniques by cyber criminals. We will learn about its origins, motivations and the techniques most commonly used by cybercriminals.

In this course:

a skull hovering on top of a key, with the text "ransomware."

4. Network Security

We will tell you all about it in this specific course designed to teach you everything from how Internet protocols work, network analysis through Wireshark, to what measures and resources can be used to secure the network.

In this course:

5. Identity Management

Do you know what an IDM is and what an IAM is? Learn about the techniques and how to organize identities for a company.

In this course:

a hand holding a digital ID card.
a danger symbol appearing above a computing concept.

6. Exploiting

Do you know what an exploit is? How do attackers and ethical hackers use it?

In this course:

7. Secure Programming

Secure programming is an essential process in software development that seeks to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and data, as well as to prevent and mitigate security risks. It is important to apply secure programming to protect confidential information and ensure business continuity. Do you want to know more?

In this course:

a hacker with a backdrop of binary code.

8. Forensic Hacking

What is digital forensic analysis? In this course we teach you step by step.

In this course:

9. Incident Response

Do you know what incident response is? Do you know its importance for a company? What are the steps to follow?

In this course:

a global network connected with various services, with text reading "incident response."
OWASP and open web security project written against a backdrop of technological symbols.


Do you know what is OWASP and what is it for? Enter this course to discover this and an extension of the OWASP methodology.

In this course:

11. Red Team

Are you ready to enter the world of Red Team and learn all its secrets? Dare to discover them through this course.

In this course:

blue computer programmers.

12. Blue Team

In this course we will delve into the Blue Team, the people in charge of protecting IT infrastructures, and you will learn what they do and how they do it.

In this course:

13. IT Risks

In this course you will learn the basics of measuring IT risks, how to protect yourself and the different methodologies to manage a risk analysis.

In this course:

a group of clipart people surrounding a computer screen reading "blocked" and confused as to why they cannot access their devices.
a graphic depicting a cracked cyber shield.

14. Pentesting

Would you like to know what Pentesting is and how it can help protect your system or network against possible attacks? In this course we teach you step by step.

In this course:


In this course you will learn about the tools, operation and phases of OSINT.

In this course:

many screens and images hovering before a digital rendering of the earth.

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