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Technology isn't just what
we do – it's who we are.








We connect and protect what matters most: your customer

BAMMTECH products, services, and partners connect and address the technological needs of companies and institutions.

Products & Services

We have partnerships
with resellers and serve companies throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States and Canada with State-of-the-Art Solutions for IT & Network, Critical Infrastructure Security, Network
Test & Visibility.

Our team

Our team has over 25 years of experience in IT Manufacturers – Fortune
100, Distribution, Channels and Start-Ups. We are a passionate and talented group of individuals who bring global and
local expertise.

Global Partners

We have relationships with global vendors such as Keysight, Progress, Arista
and many other industry leaders to provide our customers with the best technology options.

Technology isn't just what
we do – it's who we are.

The connections we make help solve customers’ biggest challenges. Our purpose is as simple as it is ambitious:
To securely provide excelency in applications/services availability and users’experience.

For over 20 years, we have been addressing our channel partners customers’ needs delivering competitive solutions to address each individual challenge.

As technology evolves, BAMMTECH’s partner resellers become even more important to end users’ businesses. Discover how we lead the way to a bright and sustainable future.

Since 2002

In partnership with resellers, we deliver infrastructure,
security and networking solutions for IT and OT Environments

We serve reseller partners with state-of-the-art security
and network IT infrastructure products and services

Awareness  toward cybersecurity has become a greater piece of every company’s exactly at the
same time when these entities need to migrate
more processes to the cloud and satify a greater number of users.

BAMMTECH can help its  reseller partners
increment the portfolion and level of services
to address their customers.

How we can add value to your business

Data Protection

We have the technology and intelligence to detect and address cyber threats before they make headlines and/or big damages.

High Availability

We can help improve networks efficiency,
reduce their downtime
and expand their availability.


We help global organizations build an agile and flexible infrastructure, so their businesses can thrive in the digital age.


We have partnerships with major global suppliers such as:

Airfill • Arista • Ciara • Exablaze • ExtraHop • Finisar Systems • FSMTime • Helpsystems • Keysight Technologies • Napatech • Opswat • Progress • ProLabs • Solarflare • SonicWall • Timebeat • Xilinx ZPE Systems • Solace


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our products and services

    Our mission is to address customers' needs providing the best solution in technological and ROI terms.