Global Partners

We believe that great
results happen through
strategic technological alliances

We solve customers' challenges
by making connections with
the world’s most advanced technology suppliers

We offer a wide range of IT/OT Infrastructure, Security, Visibility and Networking products/services, in partnership with global suppliers ensuring our customers have the best and most cost effective technological options.

Over 20 years, meeting the needs
of our partners, delivering the most appropriate solution for each project.

The connections we make help solve our customers’
biggest challenges.


Since 2002

In partnership with resellers, we deliver infrastructure,
security and networking solutions for IT and OT Environments


Cybersecurity IT & OT:

Fintech & Networking:


We have partnerships with major global suppliers such as:

Airfill • Arista • Ciara • Exablaze • ExtraHop • Finisar Systems • FSMTime • Helpsystems • Keysight Technologies • Napatech • Opswat • Progress • ProLabs • Solarflare • SonicWall • Timebeat • Xilinx ZPE Systems • Solace


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    Our mission is to address customers' needs providing the best solution in technological and ROI terms.