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Service providers

Digital business

Financial services

Proteja sua infraestrutura de maneira eficiente e segura

Tailor-made solutions to
address individual needs

Each organization is unique. They need customized
albeit technologically advanced and scalable solutions.

BAMMTECH offers high performance servers, low
latency switches, event brokers, Out-of-Band Consoles
and other solutions to fulfills specific needs.

Service providers

Low latency switches

Hyperconvergence & Trading Customized Solutions


Traffic Analyzers by behavior (Flow)

Network Packet Brokers

Event Brokers

Real-time, low-latency traffic capture element

Security Gateways

Digital bussiness

HFT Low Latency Solutions (servers, switches, NIC’s)

CPU/GPU based servers for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning.

Devices for real-time data capture/retransmission

Event Brokers

Trading infrastructure: Network, Compliance (including timing)

Financial services

Blockchain and Data Analytics; Media and Entertainment

CPU and/or GPU servers

Event Brokers

Timing synchronization


We have partnerships with major global suppliers such as:

Airfill • Arista • Ciara • Exablaze • ExtraHop • Finisar Systems • FSMTime • Helpsystems • Keysight Technologies • Napatech • Opswat • Progress • ProLabs • Solace • Solarflare • SonicWall • Timebeat • Xilinx ZPE Systems • Solace

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