Napatech Solutions

The ultimate performance combination of FPGA software and hardware for Capture, Inline and Virtualization

Programable FPGA-based SmartNICs

Real-Time Intelligent and Time-Stamped Packet Capture & Forwarding Engine

Open-Source Support

Application Examples (On-Premise or Cloud)

• Telecom:

• 5G: Full Offload Solution User Plane Function
• Accelerated Packet Processing & Networking in the RAN, MEX and core network
• Accelerated Edge & Core Virtual Switchingo

• Security:

• Improve Visibility Performance
• Visibility for DLP and other critical engines

Financial Services: Capture 100% of Market Data
packets for analysis, storage, etc.
• Network & Application Performance Management & Troubleshooting


Cybersecurity IT & OT:

Fintech & Networking:


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