Network Testing &

We help your company to assess the performance and security of your IT & OT infrastructure
and elements

Cloud test

Hardware test

Protocol and load test

Availability is essential
for your business

Ensuring the resiliency, performance and availability
of your IT & OT environments –​​whether on-premises
or in the cloud – is a MUST.

Organizations must prevent problems, downtime and hacking before they can impact operations. Testing
and/or having complete visibility of the network and applications is imperative.

Cloud test

Virtual network validation

Elasticity performance

Performance of network and compute elements at L4-7 layers

Resilience and security

Hardware test

Quality of User Experience

Real-Time, Mission Critical, Multi-Cloud Applications

Traffic Generators for simulations

Security posture

Simulation of attacks on networks and applications

Use in wired networks as for 4G/5G and WiFi

Application and security testing

Performance testing of equipment and pre-production solutions


We have partnerships with major global suppliers such as:

Airfill • Arista • Ciara • Exablaze • ExtraHop • Finisar Systems • FSMTime • Helpsystems • Keysight Technologies • Napatech • Opswat • Progress • ProLabs • Solace • Solarflare • SonicWall • Timebeat • Xilinx ZPE Systems • Solace

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