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Our products can keep your data secure from prying eyes and internal threats alike.

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Let us help optimize your network to its fullest, and ensure the delivery of the best possible product.


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Founded in 2002, bammtech is a Value Added Distributor (VAD) of IT & networking products, software, and solutions, based in Miami, Florida.

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We listen to the needs of our clients and partners, and deliver the solution that is most relevant each individual situation.

Connect Your Network

Connecting your network is simple. Connecting it well is the challenge. Let us help you overcome all the obstacles and deploy a network that is efficient, controlled, and secure.

Secure Your Network

More data than ever is being stored digitally. We can help make sure your data stays secure from threats, both external and internal.

Deploy Your Network

Make your network reach its maximum potential, and accept nothing less. We can help you maximize your IT dollars to create a network that delivers.



Business Centric Networks

We strive to help our customers gain a technological edge which will translate into tangible business results.

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Our solutions will keep your network secure from threats both internal and external.


We provide full support for both end-users, resellers, and system integrators.


We can help improve your networks efficiency, minimize downtime and give network administrators control and insights.


Not sure what exact solutions will improve your network? We will work with you and give no-nonsense advice to help you reach your goals.

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