BAMMTECH is enhancing its cybersecurity solutions offerings by bringing to market the CybrHawk Platform.

“Ransomware, malware, and cyber threats can be extremely democratic”, states Miguel Daud, CEO at BAMMTECH — “They can attack entities of any size.” Currently, however, investments in protection are no longer tied to the size of the organization as once they were. The need for greater observability and pre-disaster remediation changed that equation.

Today, the investment needed to secure one’s business is only attainable by entities with sizeable Cyber Security budgets and with highly skilled Cyber Professionals.

“We saw in CybrHawk the perfect solution to offer our channel partners”, adds Daud — “It has been used by hundreds of customers over the last 8 years, it is based on an Open Architecture, it enables easy integration with all popular security deployments, it is very complete and non-intrusive and, lastly, it provides the channel the ability to develop new revenue streams with their existing customer base.”

It is a solution that brings the mega-enterprise class of cybersecurity to the reach of many more organizations.

Jacob Thankachen, CEO at CybrHawk, talking about his 8-year-old company, states that it provides a suite of solutions to help organizations protect themselves from cyber threats.

The company’s flagship product is the CybrHawk SIEM XDR Platform, which combines security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities to provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of their security posture and ability to detect and respond to threats in real time.

In addition to the CybrHawk SIEM XDR Platform, they also offer other products and services, including Threat intelligence, Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Training and Education.

By using CybrHawk’s solutions, organizations and/or their service providers will enjoy total visibility into assets and their security postures, helping identify and mitigate threats more effectively. They will detect and respond to threats in real time, which can help minimize damage caused by attacks.

Mr. Thankachen further emphasizes that the overarching goal of the CybrHawk Solution is to continuously reduce the risk of data breaches by providing service providers and their customers with the tools and resources needed to protect their data.

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