A Groundbreaking Initiative to Empower Partners and Enhance Security Capabilities 

BAMMTECH, is delighted to announce the launch of its Cybersecurity Academy. This pioneering initiative is designed to provide our partners with the opportunity to train their employees and, in turn, offer this service to their customers as a value-added solution. 

The BAMMTECH Cybersecurity Academy will equip attendees with the latest knowledge and tools to tackle the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Our comprehensive curriculum covers from courses in Ethical Hacking, Pentesting, Ransomware and a wide range of topics and focuses on practical experience to contribute to the learning process by completing the written content and enriching the learning process. 

The Academy’s training program has been carefully curated and will include up to date scenarios and technologies where you have interactive exercises and more technical challenges. The program is designed to be accessible to participants with various levels of expertise, ensuring that all attendees can benefit from the training and evolve as they progress. 

“Our Cybersecurity Academy represents a significant step in BAMMTECH’s commitment to fostering a more secure digital environment. By empowering our partners to enhance their security capabilities, we are not only strengthening their defenses but also enabling them to provide their customers with a valuable and potentially transformative service.”[Diogo Bulhões, BAMMTECH EMEA Director] 

BAMMTECH is committed to empowering partners through knowledge transfer and skills development. The Cybersecurity Academy reinforces this commitment by providing partners with the resources to boost their cybersecurity proficiency, thereby enhancing their service offerings and customer relationships. 

For more information about the BAMMTECH Cybersecurity Academy and our offerings, visit or write to